'1921'. Across the tracks were Black Wall Street's -- a wealthy, self-sustaining, black community. Both sides of the tracks held a lifestyle to be respected, honored, and revered. Two ways of life found a way to coexist and sometimes overlap. On a day no different than any other, a warm night fueled by summer heat and underlying misconceptions, their reality was shifted, leading to the deadliest riot in U.S. history. A bustling Negro town built on the American dream was burned to the ground.
​   Story, Writer, Producer, Screenwriter: Funkface l  J D Walker  l  Executive Producer: Neal Lemlein  l  Laurie Ashbourne  l  Script Consultant: LorrainElzia   
In this imitation of life as it was known then, “1921” is a fictional adaptation of a little-known actual events in history. Life was simpler then and the common goal of maintaining heritage and legacy prevailed; no matter the color of one’s skin. Everyone enjoyed the fruits of their labor and was thankful for their blessings. But fear and ignorance took that sense of comfort away from those living on all corners of the US, and from 1800's till today life we all know hasn't changed.  Businesses were burned, blood was shed, and families were torn apart when man was pit against man, and people were forced to choose which side their loyalty resided on. 
They were more than a statistic, more than an urban legend, and more than nameless participants on a timeline. They were people. People with hopes, dreams and goals, some of which they had managed to accomplish. They worked, loved, and played hard and when forced to stand up for what they believed in, they did that too. They did it with the same fervent passion that dictated the rest of their lives. The year was 1921. The place was Black Wall Street. And this is their story.
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Springfield Race Riot 1908
Omaha Nebraska  Riot of 1919
  Tulsa Race Riot of 1921
       Black Wall Street