'​1921' is a feature film inspired by what is one of the worst incidents of racial violence in the history of the United States, where by ground and by air, more than 35 blocks of the wealthiest black community in the U.S. was destroyed.

Atlanta 1906 - Political, Springfield 1908 - Racial, Chicago 1919 - Youth falsely accused, East St. Louis Race Mob of 1917 - Employment and Economic, these are just a few of the endless string of horrific race riots in the early 20th century, yet all remain hidden from the history books. The 1921 Tulsa riot was such a massacre, that it wasn’t even acknowledged until 75 years later. The feature film, 1921, is inspired by these five true events.

​The Black and Native community of Tulsa in 1921 
WAS so prosperous it is still recognized as Black
Wall Street.

​Our story comes at 1921 through the eyes of the
individuals that made these communities thrive 
and jive and how they broke down the barriers of
race against all odds. Lawyers, barbers, bankers,
lovers, brothers and sisters, who enjoy life 
despite their struggles and who rise above to 
maintain peace and pleasure while leaders from
the white side of the tracks pull off heinous 
hate crimes.

Old Man Rusty and Chief are the only two who are still alive from the Trail of Tears that
settled this community. Rusty doles out rhythmic advice to the young and old,
especially as it pertains to matters of the heart and the local gals known as the, 3
Degrees – led by the town gossip Rochelle. Chief keeps a stoic watch as trouble rolls
across the tracks. Rusty is particularly interested in the bright and beautiful, Mary Smith, who is well on her way to become the town doctor – that is if she doesn’t get too
distracted by Martin, the only black attorney brave enough to take on the injustices
they face, in a court of law across the tracks in the white side of town. As Mary and
Martin grow to know each other, trouble brews from the white boys as a matter of
ignorant routine. The fact that Mary has been adopted by a well-to-do white couple
that Martin represents, doesn’t gain him any favor. It’s not that Mary doesn’t like him, it
that Rochelle is her best friend and insists she make Martin work hard for her…
especially, since he prefers Mary over her. All the while Martin continues to fight
against injustices against black members of the community, and a mysterious white
man with Klan ties, seems to always be there when he needs a hand or quick getaway.

But the lighthearted games of love take a backseat when Martin wins his 1st case -- prompting the white men to revolt. Martin and Mary get caught up in gunfire as Mary’s white daddy comes to save her, and the personalities and prosperity we’ve seen shine despite it all, is mercilessly leveled to rubble. 

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Springfield Race Riot 1908
Omaha Nebraska  Riot of 1919
  Tulsa Race Riot of 1921
       Black Wall Street
Producer, Screenwriter and Story: Funkface  
Executive Producer: Neal Lemlein  
Script Consultant: Laurie Ashbourne   
Consultant:  Lorrain Elzia and J D Walker 
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